Friday, 15 August 2008

No Option But To .....

show more holiday pics.

Since we've returned I've been both too laidback and too busy to post but now I want to post.  Unfortunately my brain is empty of anything serious and so I have to resort to photos ...... again.  Sorry about that.  Soon I'll get back to what I enjoy most but in the meantime feast your eyes on a few photos I've been able to save from the many with smeary marks.



This photo shows the marina in Ardfern just as the early morning calmness is breaking up.



I think this overlooks Loch Craignish.  Two basics of photography broken here: firstly, not being certain of the location and secondly, grossly under-exposing the shot.  Despite this, I think the photo works.



Monbretia grows wild in huge clumps.



I didn't get the exposure quite right but I liked the mixing of the trunks and branches.



One of the great sheepdogs on the farm.



One of the many prehistoric sites in Kilmartin Glen.  [sorry about the smeariness]

Undiscovered Scotland says of Kilmartin village, "There are at least 350 ancient monuments within six miles of the village, of which around 150 are prehistoric. They include burial cairns, rock carvings, and standing stones, as well as the remains of the fortress of the Scots at Dunadd and three more recent castles."


Well, that's the rescuable, or almost rescuable, photos - Is there such a word as "rescuable"?.  There is now! - except for the little taster below. 


My little "accident" happened within the area covered by this photo. 

Will I tell the story? 

Certainly not tonight - if ever!


  1. Sometimes I wonder how I turned into a photo blog, since I don't even take great photos. But as they say a picture is worth a thousand words and it is great to see other parts of the world via our blog friends photos.
    Oh,oh. What did you set on fire? Do tell all.

  2. Extremely interesting I certainly would consider visiting there now.. its a long was away from me.

  3. Oh, lets be serious... Mmmm.
    Bugger it, lets be good to look at, sod serious.
    That not grossly underexposed, it's suberb. Love it.

  4. Love your first photo, the masts and their reflections make fascinating shapes.
    The montbretia grows wild here, too, just like that.

    It's your second shot that really calls to me though. Look at all the layers of land fading into the distance, and the shine on the water. Perfection!

  5. Well, I think your photos are great. I especially like the dog, but then, I would! Please tell us the story!

  6. THose photos are lovely especially the trees and the dog.

    Right, you tipped the barbecue into your lap? It must involve the barbecue and that bench.

  7. Great photos, Calum. Tell the story, go on. :-)

  8. The reflections in the first one are wonderful!

    The accident didn't have anything to do with that plank did it?

  9. LOL it can't be that bad can it?

  10. Your photos are great Calum, thanks for sharing them with us :)