Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Oh No!

For 7½ weeks of school holidays I've had today -  20th August  - etched in my brain as the day the schools re-started after the summer holidays and I'm just back from Tesco at 22.50  having had to buy a pencil case for C2 ..... but wait ..... what's this?

Oh no!

Industrial action!

Some schools closed!

C2's school is closed - my break doesn't start until Thursday.

Oh shit!

C1's school is open.

One at school says, "Not fair!!!"

One off says, "Yes!!!"

Result: conflict


Isn't life just wonderful!!!!!!


Deep breath, Calum.


  1. Don't you just love industrial action? And when does it ever have any effect other than annoying people?

  2. Oh no, it's not fair, is it? I sympathise.

  3. And then you hear them crying if you take your child on holiday during term... 'their education will be disrupted!'