Monday, 4 August 2008

SOMETIMES I ........


...... wonder why I bother


and I .....  think awhile


then I ......   wonder why I bother.


Today I ...  wondered


and I ...... thought awhile


then I .....  wondered why I fucking bother!


Why do I?


  1. Because you know it has to be done ;-)

  2. Yes, just keep going, you know that. Things will lighten eventually.

  3. sometimes i feel like that too.... but we have to keep strong and keep going because as they say "life must go on " and you have to believe things will get better !!

  4. Well what the alternative? If there is one you should consider it.. I have been trying to cheer you up o n me blog..

  5. Means you're human I guess. Life can be a sod but there is another side...
    A sufferer, me.

  6. Hi Calum. Pondering can be good. Especially in such fab scenery. Hope your soul feels refreshed after your time away.

  7. I know why you should keep going, so do you: I think you should keep going, of course. Always keep going. If you stop you will find the ground has moved on anyway.

  8. Hi all,

    Thanks for your comments. I'd had a bad day and I wanted to scream - no more than that. There never was any chance of my giving up the blog or more. One must keep breathing.

    Thanks for your concern.