Thursday, 4 September 2008

Embarrassing Typo - Almost

Last night I came so close to suffering massive embarrassment.  I was sending an email and I typed the recipient's name incorrectly.

Fortunately I noticed the mistake in time but ... so close to mega-embarrassment!!!


I meant to type Rita but I made two errors.

Can you work out what I typed and almost sent?

Use the keyboard below to help.


Have you got it yet?

If not highlight between the two inverted commas    


Can you imagine the reaction if I hadn't noticed and sent the message uncorrected?


  1. :)

    Typo's are my worst enemy. I almost sent a client a letter with the word 'semen' in was a lucky catch.

  2. Rita would have laughed and gone straight out to buy new Wonderbra!! :)
    I am always always making typo's. Its soooooo embarrassing.

    Hi by the way. Yes this is a good blog so keep on posting.


  3. Oestre: Yes! Could have caused a problem.

    Louise Hi. Guess you're Louise ex NHSExposed. Do you blog elsewhere?
    Thanks for the positive comments.

    See you around.

  4. I swear the keys move around when you're not looking!

  5. I find when I a posting comments, I see my mistakes just as I click publish!

  6. In famous at the GMC for making typographical errors :)

    I didn't notice :)


  7. If you'd sent it to me I'd have known it was a Freudian slip