Thursday, 11 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider: Breaking News!

Several stories are breaking tonight:

•   ahead of schedule scientists have operated the system at full power

•   an unknown branchline of the LHC has been discovered - running from Lucerne to Edinburgh (direct to my head)

•   full power collisions have been taking part in my head

•   scientist shave acknowledged that my head is on the verge of being split

•   CERN scientists had stated previously that in addition to finding the Higgs boson there may well be some very surprising results.  The unexpected has happened tonight.  Schrodinger's cat is not just a thought experiment but is real and is screeching and clawing inside my head.


That explains why I've got such a "splitting" headache!!!!


Apologies for the contrived nature of this post but desperate times call for desperate measures.


  1. I've been splitting for years. They'd have saved a whole load of money if they'd just put a group of borderlines in a room and asked us to bang our heads together.

    bippidee xx

  2. But banging heads together HURTS! My head hurts enough without that!

  3. Here you are - a visit. I am Traffic!
    I am a bit fed up with the fuss about LHC - it is money better spent than on military adventures.
    I sympathise re your headf. I am a test rider for migrains.