Monday, 8 September 2008

REPOST -- Smile! You're On .....

This post from yesterday (Sunday) I am reposting just in case it gets lost between two very large posts. The original is here

Smile! You're On ........

........ the dodgems.

I know this is not what you expected but, today, I saw the power of the dodgems.

As part of a birthday treat we took the children, and one friend each, to M&D's Theme Park near Motherwell. M&D's is basically a permanent funfair nowhere near the size of Alton Towers but it's as good as it gets in Scotland.

Near the end of a long day the children were queuing - a small queue - to get on the dodgems and I was leaning on a rail there whiling away the time when suddenly I became aware that everyone - from young to old - on the dodgems was smiling, big broad smiles. Bumping and being bumped made no difference to those in the twenty cars. Children were being .... just children and adults were being .... just children too.

Smiles and more and bigger smiles.

Now, for sure, not all these people were smiling before they went on the dodgems but somehow the magic of the dodgems transformed them ... and me. I started to smile and feel incredibly good simply because all in front of me were smiling.

This was real dodgems magic and it was wonderful. So many transported for a few minutes to happiness; their cares and worries left behind.


As I was writing this post I was reminded of some words I wrote in 1991 which are relevant to what has gone before.

I should mention though that previously I have posted some of my old words from 1991 and always, in a few days, returned in embarrassment to delete them. I daresay this will happen again.


Rush, rush, rush, rush
Something's important
Rush, rush, rush, rush
Why? why? why?
Work is big, work is huge
I must not fail or fall
I must not fail
I must not fail
Rush away instead

But rushing loses moments
Of peace and joy and hope
To bring times - long times
Of worry, fear and dread

So bring short time into my life
Bring moments in again
Let longer time appear
As something not required

Bring moments in
Bring moments in
It's easy to think this
But every moment, at this time
Is fearful

So breathe deeply
Smile freely
Feel life return
Now and now and now and now
The moments have returned

So breathe and smile
It's simple
Too simple to be easy
The moments will return
To bring back peace
And joy and hope
To a life that's lost in time"

The moments returned to all at the dodgems.


  1. Don't delete it this time. We all need these reminders as modern life is so hectic, even in retirement and we don't take the time to stop and enjoy these precious little moments.

  2. People smile a lot on the Waltzer as well, provided they avoid nausea!

  3. Sounds like lots of fun :-)

    I agree with Shades, the Waltzers make me feel sick!

  4. I know this is not what you expected but, today, I saw the power of the dodgems.