Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sitemeter Back Up - My Stats Invisible

UPDATE:  As most prob know by now, Sitemeter has abandoned its new system and has reverted to the old, easy-to-read system which actually shows stats.

At least they had the balls to change. Mind you with the amount of abuse they seemed to get there was no option but to retreat.

So now I've got Sitemeter and StatCounter running.


Original post

For some reason Sitemeter won't show my stats despite the site being back up and running after its upgrade.

Therefore, unless you leave a comment or are logged on to I won't know that you have visited.

I have contacted them but not sorted yet.


Sorry about the inconvenience.


  1. I can't back onto Sitemeter either, I thought maybe I had to sign up again or something?

  2. I'm having a similar problem - can't migrate my account to the new Sitemeter. For the time being i have added Statcounter to my blog. It is much more complex - not sure if I will stick with it if Sitemeter do manage to get thigns sorted - but it does give me a lot more information about visitors.

  3. I'm just adding Statcounter as I write this!

  4. There's been a big problem with Sitemeter moving to its new system this weekend - it's not working and so they are now busily reverting to the old system. According to some reports Sitemeter has been crashing blogs if visited with Internet Explorer.

  5. Yes, similar problems. Last time I checked, they'd had to return to old platform. What I briefly saw of the new SM is far too fiddly. SM was just right as it was.

    I like StatCounter though. At least it give whole IP numbers - not that you can really do anything with them!

    Didn't bother to contact them. I guess that they'll be inundated with people jumping up and down. I can imagine only too well the sort of atmosphere in that office this weekend. Poor people.

  6. Deb

    "poor people" My arse!!!!
    They screwed up.

  7. Statcounter is better IMO and seems to give better information. I also use histats. Totally given up with site meter as it recently messed up all people using IE and this recent problem was simply too much.

  8. Thank goodness, I had such problems yesterday with both my own and the BP site. I converted all right but could not get anything to load. I've had Statcounter for ages as well but I did like the old sitemeter. Of course they have two different sets of numbers.