Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sleep - Alternative Needed

A simple question from one who doesn't get, doesn't allow himself, enough sleep.

Why do we have to sleep?

I hate being tired but ........ I can't make myself get to bed early enough for adequate sleep. I need a device.

Why in this day and age is there not something much simpler?

Why can  I not plug myself into the mains?  Do I hear lots of voices saying,"Yes, please!  Can I switch the plug on?"?

"Bastards!"  I'm being serious.  I don't want to be electrocuted.  I just want to be charged up like my mobile.

A couple of hours while I'm at the pc.  While driving.  Then I'm fully charged and raring to go.  

Sleep no longer required.  No longer crushingly tired.  Simple.

Will someone please develop this asap.


  1. You seem to have the same problem as me. I promised myself I would go to bed at 11pm yesterday and ended up still messing around at 1am...

  2. If anyone answers your plea, I want you to pass the information on to me. Right away. Please!

  3. A brilliant idea Mr Carr I have to stay up late myself trying to please Ms Cherrypie...

  4. Oooh! Mutley, you promised to keep that secret...

  5. maybe all bloggers have this problem... I always intend to go bed earlier but its always after midnight not good on days when i have to be up at 6 for work :-(

    Cherrypie... now we know what you get up too on your weekends away :-)

  6. Mut

    Do you mean exactly what you say!!!???

    Try viagra

  7. according to dooblet ( you have the following alternatives to "sleep":

    ***** hibernate
    **** rest
    ** shutdown
    ** hibernation
    ** night sleep
    ** rem sleep
    ** meditation
    * no sleep
    * sedation
    * little sleep

  8. Yes, finding time to fit it in can be a real pain, especially with the internet being so 24/7 - though I do love sleeping, whenever I get round to it!

  9. Excellent idea, there is probably someone working on it somewhere at taxpayers' expense.

  10. All except Mut Thanks. I think we'll all disappear into a black hole before someone invents a charging method. More's the pity.

    Mut As Dick Emery used to say, "You are awful.. but I like you"

    Quite appropriate isn't it that it was a 'Dick' who said this!!! :-)

  11. Sleep is something I'll defy private sentiment around me and just have, despite the vicissitudes of the moment. Without sleep, one is on auto-pilot.

  12. Alyn The Mad Dentist12 September 2008 at 07:38

    AND sleep without dreams would be good.

  13. No, I love sleeping. It's one of my favourite things. But it would be useful to be able to get a quick recharge every now and again.

  14. We recently started a company specifically called The Sleep Alternative ( There's nothing quite as powerful as you are looking for, but there are quite a few powerful, non-sleeping pill sleep aids out there.

    Unfortunately we haven't found anything that works well for procrastination:)