Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sorry! Poor Visitor

Just wanted to apologise because, for the last couple of weeks, I've been a very poor visitor and commenter.

I've been - still am -  really tired.  Poor bedtime routine.  Too late to settle and up early.

By time I manage to write a post I'm falling asleep.

Will try and get around everyone in the next few days.


I know the above are just excuses but .....

.... I really appreciate those who continue to visit here despite not seeing much, or any, of me in return.


Thanks for being so understanding



  1. Calum, visiting takes a lot of time and concentration! When you're working, and tired, visiting becomes a chore. I know you visit when you can, and you're always welcome.

  2. Your routine sounds much like mine!

    We get to talk to you here anyway because you always reply :-)

  3. D, CP,

    Thanks both.

    I do still feel guilty tho'

  4. Friends always return and expect nothing , see you when your ready :-)

  5. Don't tell me you are wasting your time sleeping, are you?
    I have night owl evening hours and day person waking hours, thus lack of sleep is a constant problem. Better in Winter when it stays dark in the morning.

  6. Sally What nice words, thanks.

    jmb Yes, I admit it. I do sleep but not nearly a much as I should ==> crushing tiredness.

    If wasn't for kids i'd just sleep on but must get up to get them ready.

  7. I hope you get the rest you need Calum.

  8. Dragonstar's right, it takes time and effort - and if that's in short supply then you have to take care of yourself first. IMHO

    What about eating the elephant? Visit only 2 blogs a day in rotation?That way you'll get round us all given time ;-)