Saturday, 6 September 2008

Donal, Where's Your Evidence?

You posted about Oprah Winfrey on Friday - as shown below

Blaney Oprah screengrab post

Your link takes readers here at (also see immediately below).

Blaney Oprah tmz screengrab2

There is no mention here of Palin's whiteness being involved in a decision not to interview her before the election.

This tmz page links to The Drudge Report here (and also below)

Blaney oprah Drudge screengrab3

There is no mention in The Drudge Report about colour being the reason for Oprah not interviewing Palin now.

I, therefore, commented as shown below, a comment which you show but do not answer.

Blaney Oprah JB Comment

I ask again.

Given that neither your post nor your links contain any evidence for colour being at the heart of Oprah's decision not to interview Palin now, why do you assert this to be the case?

Why do you:

- title your post "Too white for Oprah"

- state in the body of your post "Sarah Palin's too white to be interviewed on your show"

- include "racism" as a label

- include "hypocrisy" as a label?

Come on, Donal , you're not normally slow in saying what you think.

What is your evidence, Donal?

If you have evidence, please display it now.

If you have no evidence then you should delete your post immediately and post an apology to Oprah Winfrey.

What is it to be, Donal? Evidence or apology?


  1. For those who want to learn more about Sarah Palin or show their discontent with Oprah:

    There's a section of links on to:
    --The "Get Sarah Palin on Oprah" petition and website
    --The page where you can buy her biography
    --The Anchorage newspaper's biography of her
    --The blog that has followed her career
    --The local Anchorage news outlets that cover her
    --Other Sarah Barracuda-related sites

  2. HK

    There's nothing here, which I can see, which supports the contention that Oprah refused to interview SP because of colour.

    Lots about SP that's all.

  3. Well if I were Oprah I'd give the nutter a wide birth.

    Apparantly she thinks religion is more important than politics and that creation "science" should be taught in schools.

    Basically the american equivalent of Osama Bin Laden

  4. eek berth not birth - freudian slip due to her passing off Bristol's child as her own.

    My prediction - Palin announces a miscarriage sometime just before the polls to get the sympathy vote and to get out of having to produce a child that was already born.

  5. It's all great publicity for Palin. Good grief! Wouldn't surprise me if it's a carefully orchestrated ruse to snatch back all the white women Hils supporters.

    We're supposed to get all tizzy about it and feeeeeel for Sarah.

    Winfrey's explanation sounds fair and reasonable to me.

    And Obama? It's always struck me as somehow quite contrary that the American people are countenancing a candidate whose name is virtually the same as their #1 enemy, a suspected Muslim and with doubtful native nationality (as the web rumormill would have it).

  6. Interesting little tiff here. Shall follow with interest.

  7. James

    This isn't a tiff - not from my side anyway.

    I comment - positively or negatively - on posts which interest me.

  8. Hi Calum,

    I was - ahem - perplexed by Donal's reasoning as well. I posted a reply on his blog a moment ago taking a slightly different tack to your counter-argument. Rather enjoyed your line of argument, though!


  9. Dave

    Thanks for letting me know about your comment. "perplexed by Donal's reasoning" Indeed!

    DB's logic was fatally flawed but he knew that his post wasn't based on absoluite logic. It was all about making a political point!

    Eventually saw it. Good!!! Like it!

    Unfortunately, I half-expected some form of abuse - albeit very mild compared with what I've seen elsewhere.

    Not getting involvd in slanging match. No interest. Not worth it. Goes with the territory.

  10. Seems to me that if Donal had put a question mark at the end of the title then the post would have been clearer that he was passing an opinionated comment.

  11. Dizzy said

    "Seems to me that if Donal had put a question mark at the end of the title then the post would have been clearer that he was passing an opinionated comment."

    Question mark or no question mark; opinionated comment or not, Blaney attributes a racist statement to Winfrey, a statement for which he has produced no evidence.

    Even at this late date, the post should be withdrawn and an apology offered. Of course, that is not going to happen but it should.