Sunday, 5 October 2008

End of My Walk?

For the moment, at least, I've stopped walking but .....  I know, from experience, that there will be more walks or runs or disappearances.  That's where and how I am.

I have far too much to do or cope with in my real life and the NHS, through its lack of treatment of Mrs Carr, has added immeasurably to our difficulties.  So much to do that I shouldn't be blogging:  I can't afford the time.    I should use the time to sleep or work but .....

..... I can't afford not to blog.  I love blogging.  After a hard day (or an easy day if I get one) I love to sit at my pc, relax, write and read. 

The difficulties arise when I spend too much time blogging.  I need to leave the pc alone totally whilst working rather than being addicted to the latest post around or to my slowly changing stats.

Eventually I find that I need to leave for a period to get myself grounded.  Without doubt I will leave again sometime ..... sooner or later.  I don't know when.


Tomorrow - possibly later today - my first real post appears Part 4 of my Childhood Reminiscences series - transport and travel.  I know it's appearing because I have almost written the post already.  For those who haven't read the earlier posts.  They can be found here:

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Finally thanks to all who kept in touch during my retreat.

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  1. hope you enjoyed your walk as much as i enjoyed mine :-)