Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Few Days Not Posting

I'll probably not post for a couple of days.  Non-family issue cropped up.

But will only be a short delay.


Also let me clear up any confusion about my last post, "Nothing Really Matters ...".   This was an absolutely straightforward post with no hidden messages about how I was feeling. 

I'm fine.  I'm busy although not as busy as I should.  No cause for concern - definitely.


Sorry if I was unclear.


  1. Don't tell me you're trying to escape the three-wheeled wagon!

    See you when you get back.

  2. 3 wheels?

    Only one wheel left now but we're still rolling along!!!

  3. Hope you get things sorted out OK :-)

  4. OK. I'm used to feeling confused, nothing new.

  5. CP Getting sorted.

    James Not too long I hope.

    jmb Do I confuse you? Sorry.

    Thanks to all.

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