Wednesday, 1 October 2008

A Few More Days Walking ......


and then home.


I've been "walking" a week now with only a couple of stops to post and I know that, if I don't return soon, I'll be having a long break.  I may need a long break but I don't want that: I want to be back blogging.  Therefore, on Sunday, I hope to return to full blogging..


Nothing has changed so far during my short break and so I can only hope that I'll keep going from Sunday.


Please make a point of visiting on Sunday - best make it early evening UK time - and see the new, refreshed, raring-to-go same old, tired Calum.

Now isn't that a brill invitation?


Hope to see you on Sunday.


  1. Sunday, it's a date. I assume that there will be an explanation.

  2. jmb

    Look forward to Sunday then. Hope I'm there to greet you.

    Sorry, but I'm not going to say anything about "why this break" other than having breaks - of variable length - is a recurring theme of my blog life. I leave when I need and return when I can.

    Thanks, jmb.

  3. I'll be there - I hope! Mind, I could be too knackered to make sense, as two sons and their families intend to visit on Sunday. Fun, but exhausting!

  4. James

    "You'll never walk alone."

    I hope ths doesn't sound churlish - isn't meant to - but I find it hard to really believe that quote.

    Dragonstar Family must come first. If I don't see you Sunday then Monday is fine.

  5. Well I hope you are feeling refreshed when you come back :-)

  6. Calum, we all need a break from time to time and I have been having several over the last few months. See you when you get back :)

  7. We all need to withdraw and regroup from time to time, have a chance to switch off, reflect on things or do things that need our prescence in Real Life.

    I too hope that you feel refreshed, at least a little - I'm sure all our online friends will be very pleased to see you and understand. I do agree though that it often feels like each of us walks alone, especially when you're struggling with too many of the problems that life throws at you and, of course, non-existent public services.