Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Human Experimentation on Indians


Today I bring you an appalling, an obscene story.  No! The story is not obscene.  The behaviour it describes is obscene!

".... a few years ago, Professor Nigel Heaton and his team at Kings College Hospital went to India and performed a procedure that was not even approved for the NHS at the time. His consenting procedure was flawed. No one had been informed of the grave risks to the donor. The BBC filmed the entire process but failed to feature the film when the procedure went wrong. Both patients - the one who needed the liver transplant and his healthy wife tragically died. Mr Heaton never responded to the family's concerns."

To read more about this story please visit here.  Rita Pal displays her normal thoroughness and she is to be congratulated for bringing the story to us.


Now we need to pick up and run with this.


  1. But Calum - doctors are gods, and have the power of life and death. Normal mortals are not expected to complain.

  2. Yes, Calum, it is yet another example of when people consider others non-humans. Why on earth do they do that?

    Thanks on the other matter too.

  3. This is awful, how do they get away with such incidents.

  4. Truly obscene. Disgusting isn't the word for it.

    The dreadful thing is that this is going on all over the UK - only today a surgeon was reported as having done an experimental op on a UK patient who died from it. The GMC are to investigate (sorry no link but I believe the surgeon's name is Hall).

    Seriously, we do need to publicise what's going on here.