Wednesday, 15 October 2008

New Medical Procedure Causes Havoc on Blog

It is with sadness that I must record a new, or so I assume, medical procedure which many of my readers have undergone, probably without their knowledge and consent.

What is this procedure? 

Partial or total humorectomy

What's my evidence?

Well, when I posted about apparently funny happenings in my life, readers found them funny to the point of my being asked for more.  However, when I post a fictional funny story the response at best is cool (e.g. Monday's post - Top Bank Role?).

I have used my massive brain power and I confirm that there are only two possible explanations: either the post is NOT funny or readers have had a humorectomy. 

We can rule out the first possibility because I find the post funny.  Therefore, readers must have undergone a humorectomy.  Sad but true. 

I assume that for most of you the procedure is only partial but even for that you have my sympathy but you do need to be aware of the effect this has had on me and my blog.  For a few microseconds I considered the possibility that I might be wrong and the post was not funny. 

Can you imagine how troubling that is.   The post might not be funny!  Stop the blog, I want to get off! Fortunately, I realised that I couldn't be wrong.  The post IS funny - I laughed after all.


You, my dear readers are not complete! 

You have been operated on!

Evil has visited you and left you with only a partial sense of humor. 

I feel really sad for you.


  1. Your CV looks like mine would if I could be bothered to do one.
    Had 2CV once tho' for a while ... so would that do?

    I lent a mate £10 yesterday and that makes me the UK's 3rd biggst lender apparently.

    I sympathise with everyone who lost money in Iceland. I dropped a two pound coin between two freezers yesterday and never got it back.

    All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

    I'm gonna lie down now :>)

  2. I blame the spider in my bathroom. I'm sure it's an alien.

  3. I blame being made to do so much TU work at home this week!!!

  4. Fortunately I escaped the knife, perhaps my comment did not show enough appreciation of your humour. I promise to do better next time. Can I laugh out loud or shall I just smile. No snickering or snorting coffee, I can assure you of that.

  5. I blame my personal trainer. I knew I should not have chosen someone with the name Torquemada de Sade!

  6. Oh dear! I have to blame the rush of life - and the fact that your CV sounded too much like mine to make me laugh other than with sympathy.
    I'm done for!