Thursday, 30 October 2008

Not Laughing Now!

Not laughing now!

Furrowed brow

Head in pieces

Pain increases

Strength slipping

Needs outstripping

Skills of coping

Only hoping

Hurt adjourns

Peace returns

Some hope


  1. bends, it twists, it sometimes hide, but rarely does it break, it sustains us when nothing else can. It can bring light into the darkest of places.

  2. ..... and BOING!!!!!

  3. I hope you can put it together again Humpty Dumpty.

  4. feathers

    That is my experience but it's nice to be reminded of it. I'll remember your words. Thanks.

    Mut LOL

    jmb A very big sellotaped Humpty but back together.

    All Thanks so much. Just a very bad few hours. In fact, probably not even "very bad" but difficult to handle. A new day - early - and last night is over.

    OK again.

  5. Glad things are better now. Where you were is a horrible place to be in. Take care and be safe.

  6. I've found that it helps to put things in writing like this - just to be doing something! You put it very well, too.
    Glad you got through the night.