Friday, 24 October 2008

"Morality of Suicide" Post - Coming Soon

After my short break to sort out a non-family issue I'm almost ready to return with a short post about the morality of suicide and of assisting a person to commit suicide.  The post is 3/4 written and should appear later today or tomorrow.

The post was prompted by the assisted suicide of Daniel James, a 23 year old who was paralysed from the neck down after a rugby injury.

I was tempted to call the post "Thinking about Suicide" but, probably, that would have caused panic.  Mmmm, might still use that title to draw readers in!


I know it's difficult for you to hang on until my next proper post appears but that's the price of your being strongly attached to a very busy and brilliant blogger. 

Nothing like self-delusion, is there?


  1. Keep strong, Callum. We don't always comment, but we still read and care. Just keep doing the right thing.

  2. Self-delusion? Now where does that come in? You are very busy, you are brilliant, and you are a blogger. So what's wrong with that?