Monday, 6 October 2008

Posts Deleted


Some of you may be confused.  I have deleted my two posts from earlier today:

Teaser: Find the Link - Update and Insight

Monochrome Monday - Lines: Unofficial

I thought I'd make things easy for myself with two simple posts.  On reflection this was a mistake; the posts were simple but they were also crap hence their deletion.


Perhaps, surprisingly, I have standards to uphold.  Ideally I catch the posts before publication but if not then .......


I apologise to those who had commented on either or both posts.


  1. But you do know they live on in google reader, don't you?

    If you are tempted to do that again, before you delete the post edit it down to nothing,leaving only the title and maybe a sentence and then delete it. All that will live on is the residue.

    Confused is nothing new for me.

  2. I'm sure we all have crap-post days, so try not to worry about it.

    JMB's right about Google reader.