Sunday, 12 October 2008

Summer's Passed and Present

With summer gone now and with no post in sight I'm left with a retrospective photo post: pics from this and previous summers.

                                          Garden 5-1                                        blue poppy










RIMG0058 P1000306-1


Caledonia returning to Oban from Mull   From Dunollie castle Sept 1986


Lismore ferry in Oban bay  Sept 1986



View from Dunollie Castle 2    Sept 1986


RIMG0026 RIMG0041

I don't think any commentary is needed other than for the last two photos.

Bonfire: heating needed at a barbecue!

Horned beast: Calum!!

If you hadn't guessed already I love boats.

[My "smart" title makes the grammar impossible to square]


  1. Smart titles are fun! I love your selection of photos.

  2. Sunny photos for a sunny day. My favorite is the one where you have captured the sparkles on the water :-)

  3. Lovely watery ones and , a hairy coo too!

  4. Have I come the right blog? Wonderful photos Calum, I love the boat centered between the walls (or whatever, I can't check.

    I too love going on boats and get lots of opportunity with the ferry system we have here, big, big car ferries and tiny car ferries and people ferries. We even have a ferry which is part of the bus system.

  5. Pic 3 = Royal Highland Show
    Pic 5 = Mull to Oban ferry framed in the "window" of a ruined castle - Dunollie castle. I waited more than 30 min for photo.
    Pic 6 = Oban to Lismore ferry in Oban bay. Taken from Pulpit Hill .
    Pic 7 = Loch Lubnaig
    Pic 8 = View from Dunollie Castle with Kerrera on right and mainland just south of Oban on left.

    Pics 5, 6 & 8 all taken on same day in 1986. I have never seen the sea so smooth for such a long time. Pic 5 was taken about 10am, pics 6 and 8 about 3pm.

  6. Beautiful photos Calum. Is the top right flower a Meconopsis?

  7. James

    I've assumed it to be a meconopsis.

    Note: In pic 5 the hills in the b/g are on Mull.

  8. I had never seen those blue flowers before. I love them! I just looked them up and yes, they are Meconopsis, Tibetan Blue Poppy. I want some, lol.