Thursday, 30 October 2008

What Goes Up ......... Picture Post!!!

There has been so much interest in my original "What Goes Up ........." post that I think it is appropriate - possibly, well probably not - to take this blog into new, uncharted and contentious territory.

The post title is the giveaway. I now have a photo which is associated with the original post!

I'm so worried about the photo that I'm going to give a link only.

If you are of a nervous disposition or easily upset please do not view this photo.

To see the photo click on this link at your risk only.

You have been warned! :-)


  1. Now Calum, what's with this teasing the readers? You told us you weren't funny, you are confusing me, a not unusual state for me.

  2. I am guessing that this is a 'not suitable for work' type image, so will have to wait till I am home to check it out.

    The anticipation is both killing and terrifying me! =)

  3. jmb Tease? I don't know that word!

    NAVIW Open it where you want if you think it's worth the risk. Suggst you read the first comment by jmb.