Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP Membership List: Still Available

UPDATE: 19 Nov 16.45  I believe the list is still available but the site is overloaded.  Obviously lots have found the same source as I did and lots have found me.  I hadn't expected so many visitors.


Having read in the 'papers this morning about the leaking of this list on the web I was intrigued to see if I could find it.  I should stress that this was an intellectual exercise only: I have often wondered if I could find "banned" data on the web.

Would it still be there?

Originally the list had been posted on Blogger - - but this blog has been removed as has any cache of the blog.

From the post title clearly the list is available for download.  I found the list in less than 10 minutes but I cannot tell you how to find the list other than to say that, initially, what I knew is little except a key search done on time or really great differences over the unbiased knowledge.  

I imagine that once posted the list could never be effectively withdrawn.


Given that the law was probably broken in publishing these details, you must be responsible for your own actions should you choose to look and download the data.

I have visited the download site only.


My intellectual curiosity has been satisfied - totally.


  1. James

    As I said intellectual curiosity only . It's there, I've found it, got the badge.

  2. I found it in about seven minutes, just now. So if I was to post the link here you would or wouldn't allow it, Calum?

  3. I did have to check for curiosity too...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. How about a link to a pdf. called "Not the BNP List"? You weren't to know, were you?
    Only joking, like the site.

  6. LOL @ 00.59. There's always one, isn't there?

  7. Re deleted comment at 00.59

    One cannot get the staff these days. I get them to blog for me and then they fuck up and make me look the fool - that I am.

    There will be a sacking in the morning and a staff vacancy.

  8. Well needless to say this does not mean much to me but what was found does seem rather interesting to many since it is such a hot blogging topic.

    I did not realize it was illegal for certain professions to belong to the BNP. That in itself is very interesting.

  9. Whoever posted the list really is low. People's political beliefs belong to them and it's up to them if they wish to make them public or private. Whether they are a member of a far right group or not.