Monday, 17 November 2008

Happy Song


I need to sing a happy song
Because I'm sad inside
Sad, sad and tearful
Tears I cannot cry
So wash away the hidden tears
With words so full of joy
That life is seen again as life
And not as pain and death


  1. Very sad Calum. Hope you are feeling better.

    It sounds a bit like Ivor Cutler for a sad version or Spike Milligan for happy version.

  2. Calum? If you sing it I'll play it.

    Bad day hon? C'mon down and we'll party.

  3. yeah sing joy and happy song...
    praise and worship God all the time, you'll be better :) and more more more good :D

  4. All


    I should say that I wrote this many many years ago when I was really struggling in a new job; hanging on by fingernails, resignation letter in briefcase (never used.

    Now I pull out these words when I remember and when I need to change my thinking.

  5. Love this poem, I am glad it gives you inspiration now.

  6. Glad that it's not a particularly apt poem for you at the moment. Hope it helps to change your thinking.