Friday, 7 November 2008

What Did He Expect To Find?

Had to laugh.  Was just looking at my stats when I saw an American, or are least someone based in USA - High Point, North Carolina - had found me ..... but his Google search terms were odd:

"blog anything goes pic post" SafeSearch OFF

Goodness knows what else he found - I assume a he - but he came across my "What goes Up .... Picture Post"

This person then searched my blog 4 times with the following 4 search terms:





I'm shocked! 

What does he think I am? 

What kind of blog did he hope to find?

Obviously he didn't find anything of interest.  He didn't even leave a comment!  You'd think the least he'd do was leave a comment of disappointment but no.

But he has shown me a way I could increase my stats.  Mind you, I'd get shut down; I've got no interest and so no thank you.  Think I'll stay with my current hotchpotch of a blog and the teens and babes and hottie and bikinis can be shown elsewhere. 

This blog is a teens-free, babes-free, hottie-free and bikini-free zone.


  1. Ah now you will increase your search stats with hits from people looking for free hottie, free teens and so on!

  2. LOL Jams!

    Calum, it just shows how much I miss by not watching my stats!

  3. Bikini posts, Calum? Never noticed those before.

  4. What a hoot! But it does make one wonder about these people.

    Once I was looking for an image of a school girl for a post about my schooldays. It took five pages of young women dressed as schoolgirls in suggestive poses before I found a genuine young girl in a school uniform.

  5. At the start of today's talk/sermon the young lad who was speaking on the line from the Lord's prayer, 'Lead us not into temptation', said he'd googled temptation images. Whoops, He said he wouldn't do that again!

  6. Damn Americans!


    I get some CRAZY Google searches to my page too!

    Someone today searched my blog for "porn."


  7. LOL, I get some funny google searches too :-)

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