Saturday, 6 December 2008

Iain Dale and Calum

Yesterday's Guardian diary, by Hugh Muir, carried a snippet about Iain Dale which I append in its entirety:

"Why would Labour types be championing the prospects of Tory blogger extraordinaire Iain Dale, you might ask. Is it because of his ill-fated campaign in Norfolk North in 2005, when he lost by 10,500 votes, or his failure to win the nomination for Maidstone, when he didn't make it past the first interview? Or his stewardship of the unsuccessful David Davis leadership campaign? Or is it because his two-year stint as a columnist at the Daily Telegraph seems to have come to an end? It is all of them, and though it might be tempting fate, he is, they say, someone they would like to see at the heart of David Cameron's operation. They'll provide references and everything."

Mildly amusing was my initial thought, and it is, but then I realised that if one were daft enough to do the same about me it would be much much worse.  A version on me might appear as follows:

"Why would Conservative types be championing the prospects of left-wing mental health campaigner unextraordinaire Calum Carr, you might ask.  Is it because his 20 month stint as a pico-blogger has often appeared close to collapse?  Is it because.............. er, is it because ................... er?  Is there any more?    No, he really has had this little impact, and though it might be tempting fate, he is, they say, someone they would like to see at the heart of The Guardian's operation because he has achieved nothing and is even more useless than Gordon Brown. They'll provide the references and everything."

Even in apparent failure - the Guardian's view - Iain has achieved much more than I.  Sad but true and, I guess, I'll just have to live with that thought.!


  1. That was an interesting one. Didn't know that about Iain. Hope you're well at the moment and your wife.

  2. You know you aren't a failure, you have the ear of lots of people. How can that be a failure?

  3. Of course you are not a failure, and I would argue that the contributions you are making are far more substantial than the gossip of a Westminster insider.

    Keep up the good fight Calum - there are plenty of us learning a lot from what you contribute and being inspired by your example.

  4. James

    We're moving along slowly, thank you.

    CherryP, NaViW

    I guess I do see my blog as not a rip-roaring success - I do negative very well. Initially the post started out as oly being the quote ex the Guardian but I thought there was no need to be too harsh on ID. Decided too soften it by making joke at my expense but I think I revealed my negativity more strongly than I had intended.

    Thank you for your kind words and reassurances.