Friday, 19 December 2008

The Old Garden Seat

Too long grows the grass round the old garden seat
Once high and proud in the green field of man's power now gone
Wild grow the shrubs on pathways long lost
Rolling hills, valley wide, reflective river no more

Only the sky remains still blue, white or grey now pock-marked by slim birches' tips
Rich with life's vibrant colours, flyers and flowers abound
Safe in the haven within where balance surrounds
Life as nature intended. No hands fighting forces unseen.

Once more, once more ere life's breath fades away
Let me see  long ago's beauty through eyes of the young
My seat and my view from the power of my hands
And I give myself up happily to God's golden lands


  1. James

    Yes, just a few days ago. Deb sent me a poem one day and the next morning the image and the first line popped into my head.

  2. Ive just got to this blog after a bit of an absence from blogs mostly because I was on holiday and mostly because I was working and didnt have time to idly write and enthuse and Im horrified about the May posts

    Im a psychiatrist, for better or for worse and I have had treatment myself and I would refuse treatment from certain psychiatrists because they are nasty, bastards basically who I wouldnt trust to post a letter for me never mind anything else.

    Im perfectly happy to give advice for free if you contact me through my blog or at

    Im saddened that the NHS is proving difficult but the NHS is a lumbering dinosaur and mental health services are badly funded

    The one word I hear more than anything else in Psychiatry in the NHS is Funding, is the funding in place they say

    Its like an obscene fourletter word


  3. Rather evocative and moving, isn't it, James? I reckon our man has a career here!

    Well, Henry, this is the very expletive I've used most over the last couple of years as I've begged NHS for counselling/MH support - 'OH, FFFFFUND IT, YOU FISCALLY ANAL BUDGETS!!'

  4. Excellent poem Calum. Have a Happy Christmas

  5. Merry Christmas, Calum and hope it stays zippadee doo da.

  6. Calum, I've not been visiting much of late because life's just been too crazy but I do wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and I pray 2009 will be the year that will see a change in your situation.


  7. That is beautiful, Calum.

    Hope you are having a good Xmas.