Monday, 8 December 2008

Prelude to "Baby 'P' and Suicide"


Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll publish a full post on "Baby 'P' and Suicide".  [UPDATE: Full post published here]

This mini-post acts as wee advert for that post.  Given that  recently I have posted only on the odd occasion advertising is necessary.


I noted that the Guardian website mentioned that Sharon Shoesmith, head of Children's Services at Haringey Council was sacked with immediate effect and without without compensation.

Two Liberal Democrats are quoted in the article:

Councillor Robert Gorrie, leader of Haringey Liberal Democrat opposition, said: "This is the right decision. No one should be rewarded for failure in public service. .....  Those in top jobs in public service should be put on notice - there is no hiding place for incompetence and deceit for those charged with looking after the vulnerable children in our society."

Lynne Featherstone, the Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, welcomed Shoesmith's departure. "I very much welcome her departure without a single penny. Hopefully it marks a break with the culture of secrecy, failure and deceit that failed Baby P."

If only failure in public service, incompetence, deceit and secrecy among those charged with looking after vulnerable adults suffering from mental illness were treated in the same way.

More tomorrow ......


  1. Sadly stories involving vulnerable children are more media friendly than those involving adults with mental illness.

    It is a sad reflection of how society reviews issues related to mental health - there is an element of blame attached to media reporting of it, as if those involved deserve blame for it.

    Looking forward to reading your full thoughts.

  2. Yes, the kids will always find champions but the adults fare worse.