Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Reader and Broadband

I am in the process of adding my blogrolls to Google Reader.  This will make it much easier for me to read blogs but might make my visits less visible although I'll do my best to leave a little mark.

Before Christmas we should have broadband installed - years late - but those blogs that currently don't load will be accessible.



Why on earth did I wait so long before using Reader?  Day in, day out I struggled with my dial-up connection waiting for blog after blog to load painfully slowly only to find that many had no new posts.  Hours I have wasted, probably days wasted, at this pointless exercise.  Now I can whizz through the posts.  It's brill.

Of course, as usual, I get little long term benefit because in about 10 days we'll have broadband.  I'm sure I'll keep using Reader because it is just so convenient.

I'm a plonker for waiting so long!


  1. Then I won't feel so guilty about my photos not loading :-)

  2. I can't imagine being without broadband. We got it on a month's trial years ago. Those companies are no fool, once you get it there is no way you can go back.

  3. What's the google reader?
    Gosh even our village has broadband, no gas, but we do have broadband! LOL!

  4. The online experience improves, Calum.