Friday, 28 November 2008

Babes: No. 1 in Indonesia and More

No. 2 in the UK

No. 2 in .com


If you are looking for "free-babes" then, according to Google I'm your man! 

Yes!  Search Google for that term and I'm No.1 in Indonesia, No. 2 in the UK and in .com.

Why me?  Well a few weeks ago I wrote  the following in response to another searcher for porn finding me - somehow.  

"This blog is a teens-free, babes-free, hottie-free and bikini-free zone."

If you want "free, babes" or "free babes" then you need to go elsewhere because my ranking is nowhere.




Thursday, 27 November 2008

Blog Open For Comments


After a couple of days of the blog being closed to ALL comments I am pleased to be able to open up the blog again.


I continue to ponder the blog's future (see previous post) but now I can do so without needing to have the comments facility closed.


Thanks for bearing with me.



Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Brilliant etc: Post Deleted

I have deleted this photo post because the post was useless, pointless and was as empty as my bank balance.  Normally I wouldn't wipe my bum with it but unfortunately I put it up on the web because I was desperate for a post.  Unfortunately this means that the comments by jams and jmb have  been lost. Apologies to them.

I've got fairly low standards but this post comes nowhere near meeting even those low standards. This type of post has become quite common recently. 

If this is the best I can do then I'd be as well packing up and going home.  I'm not going to continue when my posts are so poor.


Update  Thursday pm 

The quality of the deleted photo is irrelevant.  Even with a fabulous photo the post would be worthless because the post itself has no purpose other than being a post. Doing a post for the sake of doing a post, to me, is pointless. 

Even light posts or the act of posting itself should have a purpose.  Because I've not had many posts recently which have had a purpose I've filled the gap with pointless posts.

Why not then only post when I have a purpose?  My stats drop markedly when I'm not posting even if I'm visiting.  Therefore by the time I'm ready with my occasional purposeful post it's being seen by few which is itself pointless.

I have no idea what I should do.  I have removed the comments facility because this is a decision I have to make on my own unencumbered by the thoughts of others.  Normally I welcome others' thoughts but here I need time alone.  When I'm clearer I may update again and this time open up comments


I need time to ponder.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

At It Again: More Destruction

A few months have passed since I told the tale of my destructive tendencies in a Youth Hostel but I was at it again today!
The entire Carr family travelled through to the West to visit the children's grandfather, my father-in-law.  We were only due to stay a couple of hours and the first 110 mins passed without incident.  This was not to last.
Just before we were leaving I went to the toilet and I noticed that the bathroom light didn't work. 
No!  I did not break the toilet seat.  I'm a man.  Well, I was the last time I could see past my belly.  I pee standing up.
No!  I did not pee on the floor.
I peed normally into the bowl and I went to flush the toilet and the button went down but no water appeared.  The button was stuck in the down position and could not be pulled back up.  I raised the cistern lid a little and the buttons returned to their correct position but again no flush.  I lifted the cistern lid off the cistern and replaced it - still no flush.
I went downstairs and told my father-in-law. "It worked for me," said Mrs Carr  and my father-in-law chimed in with, "You didn't lift the cistern lid off, did you?  It's very difficult to refit".
"Shit!"  I thought - fortunately - to myself.  "Oh, by the way, your upstairs lights don't work"
"I'll just have to reset the circuit-breakers" and as he flicked the reset switch there was a pop and a flash.  Clearly there was a major problem with one of the lights but which one? As we talked round the problem I mentioned that I had switched on the lights in his lounge.  "I never use that switch." 
God, how was I to know. All I wanted was to bring light to the room and I trip all the bloody lights.
We didn't stay.  We left with the house largely in darkness and with no flushing toilet. 

Will I be welcome back at my father-in-law's?
Will I be welcome anywhere?

Friday, 21 November 2008

Cast Out!






Shock horror!

How will I survive?

Will I survive?





Oh, yes I'll survive OK


'Twas only from another's blog.




No clue but ...........


Hey, there's a first time for everything.  I feel as though I've earned some blogging spurs.




Since I published this trivial and faux-surprised post, another has posted again making it appear that I  - although unnamed  - had made a terrible attack. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

I made a general comment which, admittedly putting a different view from the blogger, was even in tone and not disrespectful. 

I make this comment here only because I would hate readers to think that I had been disrespectful to another blogger far less launched an attack.

If any doubt this statement then I am happy for any to read my original comment of which I have a copy.

I hope I need say no more on this matter.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP Membership List: Still Available

UPDATE: 19 Nov 16.45  I believe the list is still available but the site is overloaded.  Obviously lots have found the same source as I did and lots have found me.  I hadn't expected so many visitors.


Having read in the 'papers this morning about the leaking of this list on the web I was intrigued to see if I could find it.  I should stress that this was an intellectual exercise only: I have often wondered if I could find "banned" data on the web.

Would it still be there?

Originally the list had been posted on Blogger - - but this blog has been removed as has any cache of the blog.

From the post title clearly the list is available for download.  I found the list in less than 10 minutes but I cannot tell you how to find the list other than to say that, initially, what I knew is little except a key search done on time or really great differences over the unbiased knowledge.  

I imagine that once posted the list could never be effectively withdrawn.


Given that the law was probably broken in publishing these details, you must be responsible for your own actions should you choose to look and download the data.

I have visited the download site only.


My intellectual curiosity has been satisfied - totally.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Happy Song


I need to sing a happy song
Because I'm sad inside
Sad, sad and tearful
Tears I cannot cry
So wash away the hidden tears
With words so full of joy
That life is seen again as life
And not as pain and death



The circle is unbroken
The circle is a chain
To link my success or failure
To my rating as a man


To hell with manly rankings
Rather I'd be free
From ball and chain
From manacles
That crush and weaken me

The Scarlet Day


We seek it here

We seek it there

We seek tomorrow everywhere


Is there no end to plagiarism?

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Wordless Struggle


RIMG0091 beachvolleyball3

PostOfficeREX_468x310 iwelumomiss_516x387_10902a

 sing-like-expert .

images-miscellaneous-2006-eye-500x500 WillSmithPa_450x300

y_conisborough_01 toilet-aquarium

 large_king .


UPDATE:   Appears that these two sentences are too difficult to interpret.  Therefore, help is here.  Highlight area below.



Vital Spark        Puffer in Para Handy stories

Two                Concentrate on the fingers!!


Miss                Chris Iwelumo's miss Scotland vs Norway



Will                  Will Smith



King                 Martin Luther King

Vital Spark to post missing.  I will keep looking.

UPDATE:2  Seems as though more explanation is needed.  The vital spark I need to allow me to post is missing ==> "Vital spark to post missing".

I will keep looking for the vital spark ==> "I will keep looking"

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Resigned Blogpower


Yesterday I resigned from Blogpower.  This I should have done some months ago but now the deed is done.  I will  continue within Bloghounds.


I have deleted the banner and the blogroll but I'll switch many of you to another 'roll.  Please bear with me: I tend to very slow at making these housekeeping changes.

Poor Visiting


For the last week or so I've done little visiting -  too much on plate.

Apologies.   Hope to see more of you all soon.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Free Posts, Reposts

After posting three times on Friday - a very unusual occurrence here - you may be surprised to read that I am struggling, and have been struggling, for some time to find posts.  I'm reluctant to let days pass without a post because I know, from experience, that days extend into weeks and them I'm into my nth restart ... but what to post? 

The title is the giveaway.  It's free posts for me and reposts for you. 

What a cheapskate! No originality!

I'm sorry.  Beggars can't ....... except I am choosing, have chosen, two free posts, two reposts: both from 22nd April this year.


The first  - Limerick - summed up where we were as a family. 

Swearing Mother has initiated a limerick meme - Your Life in a Limerick.

My true, but pathetic, attempt is:

A family so incredibly tired
Of the life in which they are mired
Say, "Go to the press"
"Slag off the NHS"
"Just give us the treatment desired"

UPDATE: A few hours sleep brought a much more appropriate final word. This now leaves the limerick as:

A family so incredibly tired
Of the life in which they are mired
Say, "Go to the press"
"Slag off the NHS"
"Just give us the treatment required"

We have moved on since than if not actually moved forward.



The second - An L of a Life - showed where I was, as opposed to the family.

Yesterday in a comment to my Limerick post jmb suggested a six word memoir meme to describe my life. I've gone a stage further and used 6 words each beginning with "L". How you group, if you group, the words is entirely up to you.


It's sad to see that my blog is reduced to simplistic posts like this - so far from where I want to be - but I guess this, at least, keeps my blog going and keeps my visibility just above zero. Sometime ...........

These "L's" still apply although I am not nearly as low now as in April.



Sometimes the simplest posts are the deepest.  At the time all I saw was their sadness and simplicity.  It took others to let me see their depth.  Today I can swim happily in their surprisingly warm waters.

Friday, 7 November 2008

What Did He Expect To Find?

Had to laugh.  Was just looking at my stats when I saw an American, or are least someone based in USA - High Point, North Carolina - had found me ..... but his Google search terms were odd:

"blog anything goes pic post" SafeSearch OFF

Goodness knows what else he found - I assume a he - but he came across my "What goes Up .... Picture Post"

This person then searched my blog 4 times with the following 4 search terms:





I'm shocked! 

What does he think I am? 

What kind of blog did he hope to find?

Obviously he didn't find anything of interest.  He didn't even leave a comment!  You'd think the least he'd do was leave a comment of disappointment but no.

But he has shown me a way I could increase my stats.  Mind you, I'd get shut down; I've got no interest and so no thank you.  Think I'll stay with my current hotchpotch of a blog and the teens and babes and hottie and bikinis can be shown elsewhere. 

This blog is a teens-free, babes-free, hottie-free and bikini-free zone.




Let me say here that this "poem" - if poem it be - is not autobiographical nor is it about anyone I know but it is the view of an onlooker.  The first seven lines I wrote last April and I added the extra lines a few days ago.


Fears abound
Fears around
Uncertainty a cloud
Thundering loud
I hide my eyes
I hear no cries
Yet still I know
A life so low
Drips slowly down
A smirking clown
Mocks even this
A killer is


You may wonder why I suddenly bring in the NHS at the end of the poem.  I guess it's because the Carr family has lived with the effects of lack of treatment for 18 months.  Also on-line I have met many others who have suffered in similar potentially deadly ways.

I was uncertain about using the last line but, through lack of treatment or inappropriate treatment, to some - and I stress "some" - mental health patients the NHS is a killer. 

If you are unhappy with the last line then you can substitute the line below:

So much amiss

USA Immigration


I have no idea what information the authorities in the UK gather from immigrants today but, from my genealogy studies, I know what the USA gathered in the late 1800s and early 1900s and it seems incredibly detailed, much more detailed than I had thought.

Below is a copy of the Master's Declaration made on entry to Ellis Island, New York.

Masters Declaration

For those with poor eyes or who can't be bothered to enlarge the picture I've made a transcript:

"Affidavit of the Master or Commanding Officer or First or Second Officer

"I, W. Baxter, of the CALEDONIA, from Glasgow, do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare that I have caused the surgeon of said vessel sailing therewith, or the surgeon employed by the owners thereof, to make a physical and oral examination of each and all of the aliens named in the foregoing Lists or manifest Sheets, ? in number, and that from the report of said surgeon and from my own investigation, I believe that no one of said aliens is an idiot, or imbecile, or a feeble-minded person, or insane person, or a pauper, or is likely to become a public charge, or is afflicted with tuberculosis or with a loathsome or dangerous contagious disease, or is a person who has been convicted of, or who admits having committed a felony or other crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or is a polygamist or one admitting belief in the practice of polygamy, or an anarchist, or under promise or agreement, express or implied, to perform labor in the United States, or a prostitute, or a woman or girl coming to the United States for the purpose of prostitution, or for any other immoral purpose, and that also, according to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information in said Lists or manifests concerning each of said aliens named therein is correct and true in every respect."

More information than this was actually recorded.  The specific details changed from year to year but I have records where, in addition to the checks above, the following information was taken:

"Name in Full
Age (Years and Months)
Married or Single
Calling or Occupation
Able to Read and/or Write
Nationality (Country of which citizen or subject)
Race or people
Last Residence (last permanent residence, Country and City or town)
Final destination (State City or Town)
Whether having a ticket to such final destination
By whom passage paid?
Whether in possession of $50, and if less, how much?
Whether ever before in the United states and, if so, when and where
Whether going to join a relative or friend, and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address
Condition of mental and Physical health
Deformed or crippled, nature, length of time, and cause
Height, complexion, hair colour, eye colour, marks of identification"

If the authorities were so careful about who entered the country where did crime and prostitution in the USA come from? 

Was this an early version of a  database which holds lots of useless information?  Mind you I bet the Americans never left this database on a train.


As you'll have guessed I was struggling for a post today.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Caring Compassionate NHS? Huh!


This morning I was flicking through an old notebook  - from April 2008 - when I found the following simple example of NHS care at its worst.

"In the last few weeks Mrs Carr has reduced her anti-depressant dose with her GP's support but she has had days filled with suicidal thoughts.  At her last (10th) session at the Eating Disorder clinic she mentioned this to  her nurse therapist....."

How did the therapist react?  Well, her reaction is obvious given that I'm writing about it.

Did she show compassion?  No!

Did she show she cared?  No!

Did she show any concern?  No!

Did she suggest Mrs Carr talk to anyone?  No!

Did she suggest Mrs Carr make an appointment with her GP?  No!

Did she suggest anything?  No!

Did she speak?  Yes! 

What a wonderful NHS we have here.  A patient talks about her mind being filled with suicidal thoughts and the therapist actually spoke.  She didn't do any of the six possibilities I mentioned above but she actually spoke!  One couldn't expect this level of service in any other country, could one? 


The therapist actually spoke!


What did she say to this patient who admitted having her mind full of suicidal thoughts?

"Nothing you say will extend your treatment here."

Eight words spoken with chilling callousness for a fellow human being, a patient, a sufferer.  There must be many who have heard equivalent words said in the same disgusting way.

Those eight words say a huge amount about how Mrs Carr was viewed by the NHS!  The therapist's statement gives the NHS "game" away.  How dare they play "games" with Mrs Carr's life. 

Suicidal thoughts not taken seriously ==> this patient escalates behaviours for attention or for extended treatment.  Mrs Carr didn't even want more sessions at that clinic: they were totally ineffective.  In fact, they were worse than ineffective: they made her worse.

It is clear now that the NHS has not seen Mrs Carr's symptoms as real but as an attempt to get continued and unnecessary treatment.  That is why we have been baulked; that is why our requests for referrals were refused; that is why Mrs Carr has been denied any community support; that is why our questions have been ignored; that is why the Health Board took 6 months to reply to our MSP's letter; that is why the Health Board did not answer any of the MSP's main questions;

and much more importantly and most obscenely that is why Mrs Carr is still suffering terribly; that is why I and our children are suffering.


Our NHS is an obscene parody of a proper functioning, caring and compassionate health service.

Monday, 3 November 2008

What's in a Colour?

Not a lot for most of us but if the colour is green and the place is Larkhall - a small town to the south-east of Glasgow  - then a huge amount apparently.

Over the years I had heard or read snippets about Larkhall being an incredibly strong  protestant / Glasgow Rangers / Orange town but until an article in Saturday's Independent I hadn't considered posting.  A quick Google search unearthed two other articles both raising similar points (here and here): that the colour  "green is immediately associated with Catholicism, Irish republicanism and the football team Glasgow Celtic."   I have drawn points from these posts.

"Green is a colour noticeable by its absence in Larkhall, the small town with the big reputation as Scotland's most sectarian community. Ask the average person what the name of the Lanarkshire town conjures up and the most likely answer is tattoos, Rangers tops and Protestant marching bands."

"While Irish immigrants were able to mix successfully in towns such as Paisley, Greenock, Ayr and Kilmarnock, historians believe anti-Catholicism to have been greater in mining towns such as Larkhall, where Irish Catholics were used by pit owners to break strikes. So the fuel was as much economic fear as it was cultural dilution of Protestant stock, the idea which found support in sections of the Church of Scotland in the 1920s and 1930s.
Catholics, who account for just 2,000 out of the town's population of 15,000 are no longer feared as economic rivals. They have gathered to celebrate mass in community halls in Larkhall since 1872, but when there was enough support to fund the construction of a church in 1905, the local council insisted St Mary's be built on the outskirts of the town. 

Even with this background, some of the reported the happenings within Larkhall strike an outsider as strange.

"[T]the contempt with which the emerald tint is held in the town has prompted the sandwich chain Subway to change its traditional signage to black and the local pharmacies to switch their frontage to blue."

Photos are shown below:


        NORMAL                                  LARKHALL

Green Subway3 Black Subway3

Green Moss3 Blue Moss

I should point out that  I read on a forum that some Subway outlets actually use a black sign as normal.  I don't know which version is correct for Larkhall.

"[T]here have been reports that Telewest [cable]boxes - originally green - were vandalised and reappeared blue. Locals say that in Hamilton, a chain of Indian restaurants is green and white, while the Larkhall branch is blue and white."

Blue Gates2

"The most prominent example of the promotion of colours associated with unionism is the railings of Glenview Memorial Park. In the past they were red, white and blue. In the 1990s, the council painted them municipal green, an act which proved unpopular. In 2001, a resident painted a stretch red, white and blue, and  ......  the Queen's colours were then retained by the council."

There are reports that 205 green lights in traffic lights were smashed in 6 years and that these incidents occurred after Rangers' defeats.


There are those who believe the problems of Larkhall are not as bad as many make out.

"In the high seats by the window of the new Subway store, one local mother, who like many residents equates giving her name with "smashed windaes", said: "It's so embarrassing - imagine living in a town where people can't tolerate the colour green - you'll no see green wheelie bins. I had one and they set it alight." Like many people we spoke to, she believes sectarianism is ingrained, but at the same time is not as bad as many people might imagine. "You've got a minority of nutters who'll cause trouble, but that's about it."


"Today, the parish enjoys strong ecumenical relations with the town's other religious denominations. The local St Vincent de Paul group, a charitable organisation whose assistance is not restricted to Catholics, receives donations from the local Rangers Supporters Club, Orange Order and Masonic lodge.

The parish priest for the past 30 years, Canon Henry McGinn, 85, took umbrage at reports in the Catholic press that he was too fearful to walk the streets in a dog collar, which, in fact, he is rarely without. The attitude of the local Catholic community, which may surprise some people, is that the town has been unfairly treated."

" ..... a press officer with the Scottish Catholic Media Office, said: "Over decades, anti-Catholicism has been marginalised throughout Scotland. The majority of the decent people of Larkhall are no different to anywhere else in the country. Any disharmony is caused by the same antisocial tendencies you would find in other towns in Scotland and is therefore not peculiar to Larkhall."

Others too are fed up with the stigma attached to Larkhall.  The local SNP councillor said,

"The reputation Larkhall has got is simply not justified. Any problems it does have are shared by many other places in the west of Scotland. Yet there are urban myths about Larkhall that are continuing to be reported.

"I don't believe that the smashing of traffic lights has anything to do with sectarianism, and it has nothing to do with religion, but it has everything to do with vandalism.

"The vast majority of the people of Larkhall are pig-sick of being tarred with the same brush as a few idiots. It's quite simple. If you want to find people who will voice sectarian views, you will be able to do that, just as you are able to do that anywhere in Scotland, but the vast majority in the town want nothing to do with it."

A relatively independent assessment comes from an outsider from Edinburgh who travelled with his son's Under 17's football team to play the local Larkhall team.

"... I'm standing in a public park in loyal Larkhall, doing my best to stand up to the testicley challenging cold weather.  For the benefit of those not acquainted with the quaint traditions of Larkhall, this blight on the landscape is often described as Scotland's most sectarian town."

"Well, the signs were ominous. The home team took to the field in bright orange strips and at a rough guess about 90 per cent of the home team's supporters/parents/friends were adorned in Rangers-blue outfits. For God's sake, don't let them find out my son and a fair few of the Leith players and coaches are Hibees, I thought.

But of course, I exaggerate. Like all stereotypes Larkhall didn't quite measure up to its grotesque image. Sure, it was a hard fought match with some tough tackling, but it was played fairly and there was none of the vitriol that might have been expected. When you venture in to these fiercely proud former mining towns you expect a bit of aggro but even the supporters were surprisingly quiet, well behaved and non -confrontational." [despite the Larkhall team losing 2 - 0.]


What is the real Larkhall?  I'm sorry I haven't a clue!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

BPD: Another Appalling Story



Earlier today I knew the subject of today's post and then something strange happened.  I received two comments to   a previous mental health post: the first told an utterly appalling story of maltreatment and the second was a long reply by another anonymous commenter.  These two comments are worthy of a post to themselves and, so, below I append these comments in full - with only minor changes to further enhance anonymity.

Having prepared this post I found that there had been an on-going "conversation" between the two anonymous commenters.  The story which is emerging is worthy of much more publicity and I am sure this it will get. in the coming days.  I have removed all the comments made from the post and invited the participants to contact me by email so that we can be much more open with each other.


Please read this story and be shocked.  The one concession I make to openness is to say that this story happened in Scotland.


"I am writing to you on behalf of A, as his independent advocacy worker, to raise concerns about the treatment that he has received through NHS services with respect to his mental ill health. A has a dual diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and depression and believes that he is not receiving fair treatment from NHS services as a result of this.

On Tuesday, A attempted suicide by taking an overdose of his medication. However he decided that he may have made a mistake, after which he Contacted Emergency Services and was admitted to the Combined Assessment service at the city’s A&E hospital. He maintains that he was assessed by a Senior House Officer who, after discussion with a consultant, told him that due to the circumstances surrounding, and the reasons for, his suicide attempt this matter was not psychiatry’s responsibility. He believes that his diagnosis may also have influenced the psychiatrist’s decision. A was given Oxygen at the hospital, and was woken regularly through the night as a result of the Co-codamol overdose, and feels that, given the condition he was in, he was treated very poorly by Psychiatry. A was then discharged, upon his own request, at 2pm on Wednesday.

A states that whilst he was in hospital, his friend, after being unable to contact him at home and feeling worried about him, contacted a voluntary care provider, who then advised her to contact his GP. He says that the duty GP at the time contacted the police in order to force entry to his flat. A then states that upon return from hospital on Wednesday afternoon he arrived to discover Dr Z, from the Medical Practice, and the Police outside his flat. He says he doesn’t remember what he said to Dr Z, but she subsequently left him with the Police, who stated that he had claimed that he was going to take an overdose. A would also like to highlight the embarrassment he felt in this situation, having to change his clothes in front of the police after being sick on himself whilst in hospital. He states that the Police then took him into custody claiming it was for his own protection. Yet upon arrival at the Police Station, A claims that he was informed he was being charged with breach of the peace. This was not upheld, as they had no evidence, however A says he was held in a cell overnight, refused a duty solicitor.

He was taken to the custody suite the next day and given a PF discharge. He says he felt he was treated like a common criminal, despite the fact that this suicide attempt was a result of his mental illness. A feels that Dr Z did not handle this situation very well and did not need to involve the Police, and feels that this resulted in his poor treatment at the hands of the Police.

On Friday and Saturday A presented himself at the Psychiatric Emergency Team (PET) at the Mental Health Hospital. On both occasions he was seeking an admission to hospital, however he did not express this to the team at the time. However after being assessed by the nursing team he says he was told to do practical things to deal with how he was feeling. A doesn’t feel that the PET have taken him particularly seriously, again as a result of his Borderline Personality Diagnosis. He claims that after the initial suicide attempt on Tuesday, his friend had contacted the PET on his behalf on Wednesday, but says that upon giving them his name they sounded angry on the phone saying that A knew what he was doing and that she shouldn’t worry about him. In response to this A believes that he is being discriminated against as a result of his diagnosis, and is not receiving the treatment that he feels he requires.

I would be grateful if you could investigate the concerns that A has raised with regards to the psychiatrist at the A&E Hospital, Dr Z’s handling of the situation, and A’s dismissal by the Psychiatric Emergency Team. I look forward to hearing from you."

An Anonymous commenter said:
"In response to A's advocate:

MY GOD. This is utterly and entirely despicable.

This is how public 'services' really treat the most vulnerable people amongst us.

Their own dysfunctional behaviour and total lack of compassion is THE sickness. The 'mental ill-health' is NOT in the apparent sufferer. The sufferer is merely the symptom of the psychopathic doctors/police/etc who run the show.

Poor poor A.  My heart goes out to him. And I realise only too well how useless my sympathy and empathy is. He needs real, tangible, practical and substantial support from intelligent, compassionate public services.

We're on the road to hell, people. When these atrocities happen on a regular basis to innocent people who are already crushed by the callous system then we're all done for.

I seriously fear that it's all going to get far worse before we all wake up and make it stop. This is YOUR society - yes, YOU the person reading this. What are YOU doing to fight these callous public services on behalf of people who cannot fight for themselves?

Are YOU content for A to become yet another anonymous suicide statistic?"


This story is similar in parts to the maltreatment done to Mrs Carr.  We cannot let this continue.

This is OUR NHS but some of society's most vulnerable are being treated like vermin.

Our politicians MUST get to grips with this obscenity ... NOW!