Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Another freezing day dawns, snowy ice doing its worst to up-end walkers and render cars immobile, staying inside in the warmth a desire beyond others but yet I venture out. 

Am I a madman?  Probably.

Life must always go on although so often this is a dream.

This year’s start saw me frozen and unable to break a pattern of idle hibernation.  Only latterly has my brain started to thaw but still my thoughts hold me in a slow awakening.  Too easily, all too easily, do I turn over to sleep again knowing that I can waken another day:  “another”, always “another day”, always tomorrow but …..

This year’s end must be my awakening, my full awakening, my return to a life of ….. 

No!  Just a return to life.  No more.

Return to life.

Return to life, Calum.


  1. The New Year is always a good time for a new beginning.

  2. That's the beauty of winter and this season - it augurs well for new things.

  3. Rise and shine Calum