Friday, 18 December 2009

Blue Day

After the runaway success of my “Open Letter to Gordon Brown”, I shall pen a letter to David Cameron.  Bet you can’t wait for that.  I’ll be inundated with calls to write it NOW but I shall resist such calls.  Quality is important and quality takes time – for me at least.

In the meantime you need to make do with this.


A photo post:  the last resort of a blogging scoundrel.


  1. Haha that makes me an unspeakable cad!

  2. Jams

    I would never comment on another!!!!

    Would have helped had I got the quotation correct and used " refuge" rather than " resort". Either I'm a plonker or I posted too early this morning to have brain in gear.

  3. I think it is a feast for the eyes a very fine refuge.

  4. Actually, I can't wait for that.