Sunday, 13 December 2009

Edinburgh Morning Sky

Here are some of the pics caught this morning, the taking of which had my 18 year old cat falling off the roof.  The sky was magnificent but, unfortunately, the sky lightened while I was getting my camera set up.


This is an original looking over West Edinburgh towards and beyond the Pentland Hills (with no touching up at all).



This is a cropped version of the pic above – no other touching up.

Finally another cropped photo – otherwise as taken.P1020816


  1. Wow! those are lovely pictures. What an amazing view :-)

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  3. A falling cat is a high price to pay for such lovely shots. You might have fallen too!

  4. Wow, they're gorgeous!

    How did the cat come to fall?!

  5. I am trying to guess. Are you in a high flat at Ocean Terminal, or maybe Sighthill? The recommendations of CheryPie and James the one man magazine sent me to your place to have a wee look. Andrew (an Edinburgh lad but now living in Perthshire)