Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mair “McGonagall” Noo an’ in Twa Thoosan’ an Ten


Ah read McGonagall owre at Pair Mooth’s here

The poem it got me thinkin’

I could dae ane o’ these masel’

It wud be awfae guid, no’ stinkin’


A feenished it aff this mornin’

Dinna ken when ah’ll post it

Wi’ Christmas an ’New Year the noo

Ah’ll be awa’ fur a wee bit


Noo watch this space richt keenly

Wi’ a’ your een peelit

Ma poem’s a richt guid wurk o’ airt

Ya wudna want tae miss it


  1. Ah superb! The Tayside Tragedian has truly reincarnated! Have a great Xmas Calum.