Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Old and Frail !!!!

Sometime in the last few days I became old and frail and in need of a free bus pass, free prescriptions and a winter fuel allowance.

How have 60 years passed since I entered this world? 

When did I pass 20, 30, 40 and 50?

I used to think 20 was old but 60, my God!  I’m ready for the scrap heap.  I should climb inside our rubbish bin and be carted off to the great landfill with every other piece of detritus.

NO! Only joking. 

I may look 60. I may be 60.  I am 60 but ….. I’m much younger at heart than I was 35 years ago.  I was a boring, grumpy old man in my 20’s.  Now I’m a boring, grumpy only man in my 60’s. 


I’m a lovely, interesting, caring, grumpy, old man!

I’m not a party animal, never have been and, so, I had a lovely low key birthday with a magical meal at Cafe St Honore in Edinburgh’s city centre. 

I’m sitting now enjoying my presents: a new pc and wireless headphones so I can go in communicado and not be aware of the mayhem which might be going on around me.  A truly magical present!

I must go now.  My nurse has told me that I mustn’t over-extend myself.


  1. Happy Birthday to you and life has just begun.

  2. Happy Birthday Boy. With the new bus pass and the refreshed attitude, life (as James says) begins at sixty.

  3. Ah Happy Brithday Calum, congratulations on the bus pass! Can i suggest a walking stick and a pained expression... It will usually get you a seat as I have found out this year!

  4. Happy Birthday :-) I find low key birthday celebrations are much more fun than partying.

  5. Happy birthday Calum. It's not so bad and as one who is considerably older I still feel the same as when I was young. But the big change is that I am so much more empathetic now and tolerant of others.

    It's not all bad you know. Happy new year to you too.

  6. Oh, you lied on Facebook!!

    Belated happy birthday then!! xx

  7. Liz

    Me tell a lie. Must have been a slip of my finger.

    Many thanks and happy New Year.

  8. Happy belated birthday and very very happy new year sorry its taken me so long to find your blog again and thanks for comments you have left on mine. Your now back in my reader so i will be back :-)