Friday, 18 December 2009

Parental Love

There are times that parental love allows us to act in ways which would otherwise be beyond us.  Today I had one such example but, before I tell you, let me relate a very short story – you’ve probably all heard this before – about parental love.  A man who came to fatherhood late in life – with twins – said,

Aye parental love is a wonderful thing, you know.  Without it you’d take these little so-and-sos out and drown them.”

Well I’ve never got to this stage although I can understand the sentiments but today I had to push myself beyond the limit.

I’ve done my share of nappy-changing, wiped bums, picked up poo.  In our household I’m the cat poo picker-upper.  I can stand most smells but today was something else.

I had to go Christmas shopping!!  No, I’m OK with shopping and even Christmas shopping but to have to go to Lush – the handmade cosmetics shop -  is too much.  Before today I was never in the shop; even passing the shop assaulted my senses; standing outside while daughter was inside damaged my nose much more than my wallet.  But to cross the threshold …….aaaaagh!

I survived though and, you know what, parental love was again confirmed as being incredibly strong.

The surprise: the smell inside was much better than that outside.


  1. Parental love is lovely, I have only experienced it on the receiving end but it is special :-)

    As to the shop smells, I guess they were so concentrated inside the shop that they had all blended together into something non-descript. Outside you were probably receiving wafts of lots of different smells.

  2. Ah yes, parental love - the kind of love so often displayed with gritted teeth and a grimace on the face. Now that my little cherubs have reached 22 and 20, however, the Seasonal shopping trail torture is no more, and they are happy for my love to be conveyed by electronic money transfer :)