Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snow Fair



No it isn’t fair, it is snowing.

The sky was clear at 06.00 and by 07.30 Edinburgh had an unusually large snowfall (4 to 5 inches).  Early morning road chaos ensued but those of us with time could walk in gorgeously crisp snow.


  1. Lovely :-) I like walking in the snow too :-)

  2. My son drove into Edinburgh today and has just returned reporting many fairly major roads are ungritted and treacherous. Fortunately he managed to avoid hitting anything. I myself had a close call in steep Infirmary Street yesterday, taking what I thought was a nifty shortcut but nearly coming a cropper on what was basically an ice rink. They used to grit such streets when I lived in Edinburgh (18 years ago).

  3. THe snow looks beautiful and I am sure great to walk in... until it is trodden in and becomes an ice rink! Happy Christmas!