Friday, 29 January 2010

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

The performance of a star?
Every word - pored over;
Every movement - dissected
But no result.

Nothing changed.

One walks away
Pockets bulging
Certainty of much, much more
But still we despise
One above others
Tainted forever.

No proclamation of beliefs,
No immersion in the church of God
Removes the stench.
He (small 'h') knows the lies, the deceit.
He (large 'h') knows the lies, the deceit
And He (large 'h') will forgive
But those who heard and saw
And were deceived
Will not forgive
The deaths.

Nothing changed.

The epitaph already chiselled,

"Anthony Charles Lynton Blair
Born 6 May 1953
Died Damned Forever


  1. Blair threw away what could have been a legacy of change with this idiotic war

  2. He displays the certainty of arrogance and the arrogance of certainty.

    Arrogance - inherent and from prolonged power - gets them all.