Sunday, 31 January 2010

Earning Again

Just back from father-in-law’s having broken the mechanism of his cistern – again!

Got back to find kids had thrown a £20 note (son’s) out of an upstairs window and it had lodged in the rhone.  Five minutes lugging my heavy wooden ladder and the money was out and mine. Given their lack of care that folly has cost kids £20 - £10 each. 

So all-in-all not a bad days work. FiL with broken cistern and now I’m £20 richer.

Think I’ll go away tomorrow to see if I can cause more damage and “earn” more money.

Life is good!


  1. What on earth were they doing throwing money about?

  2. Well that definitely is a case of finders-keepers!

  3. CP Boredom, I think! Doesn't make sense to me but they ARE only my kids.

    Jam Definitely