Friday, 15 January 2010

Hot Photos of Birds

Ah!  Are you where you thought you’d be? 

If not, apologies but hang around for a few minutes before you disappear elsewhere.  I wondered what would be the effect of a deliberately tempting title to very simple photos taken in Devon during the very hot summer of 2006.


An angry looking blackbird.  What I found so interesting when I relooked at these pics was the detail, wonderful detail, that even some of our commonest birds display.

Below we see our blackbird again but this time with a house sparrow.


and on his own this time.


A very detailed “something” below having a cold bath.  May I suggest that any visitors who expected other birds, and are still here, have one of these too.


I should know who (s)he is but I don’t and to compound my failure another of the same, this time showing brilliant variation on a brown theme.


A pretty chaffinch nibbling a crisp, I think.


How colourful the male is!


Whilst the youngster is very plain.


I hope you have enjoyed my little themed wander through some of my old pics.  At the rate I publish photo posts I’ll run out soon.


  1. Andrew Thanks for your comment about these photos which you left elsewhere. I copy it here because I want more opportunities to read it.

    You said, " And, if I may cross-comment on posts for efficiency, your photos of birds are awesome."

    It's awesome what a little bit of cropping can do to some ordinary pics. Thanks again.

  2. I think they are fantastic bird pictures :-)

  3. Lovely pictures. I think even our most common garden birds are fasinating and often very beautiful, but they tend to be overlooked. The brown bird is a young female blackbird by the way....much drabber than her male counterpart as is often the case with birds.

  4. Ruth,

    Yes, you're right. Duh! Should have known this but my excuse is old age!