Friday, 15 January 2010

Knowledge or Nonsense

I woke this morning with the gist of these lines floating in my head.  All I had to do was to sit and type.

I walk up and down the busy street
Of knowledge: drops incessantly at my feet.
I climb, clamber and struggle through
For knowledge isn't what I do.

If knowledge, understanding you do yearn
Then don't look here for you will learn
Only the random thoughts of a fat old fool
But for arrant nonsense let this be your school

I’ll let you judge the truth of this or even if I believe my own words but, whatever, don’t take them too literally.  Of course I want you to keep calling!


  1. Arrant nonsense is good for me.

  2. Thanks, Liz. I can always count on you to be honest! :)

  3. Hey Calum, you're not the only fat old fool out there you know! I've got some arrant nonsense to offer the blogging world too you know. And, if I may cross-comment on posts for efficiency, your photos of birds are awesome.

  4. I would never call you a fool!