Tuesday, 12 January 2010

An “L” of a Difference

Since I started posting about Trafigura and their lawyers, Carter-Ruck, I’ve had a few visits from the Cambridge offices of Carter-Ruck.  I don’t read anything sinister or threatening in their visits but I do have some advice for the company.

Sack the person responsible.  (S)he is incompetent!  They may be bright, keen and destined for the top but they lack one basic quality.  Now I know you can think of many qualities but “ACCURACY” is what is lacking.

How can employees of such a prestigious company where accuracy in deed and word must be writ through like “BLACKPOOL” in rock be so inaccurate?

What have they done?

Having already visited my blog and seen my blog header they did a Google search for me as follows:

www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&rlz=1T4GGLL_en-GBGB351GB351&q=callum carr&meta=&aq=f&oq=

“callum carr”  There’s only one bloody “L” in Calum!

Now as it turns out I did come out top in the search but that isn’t the point.  How can one trust a company where an employee displays such lack of care?  Would they be so understanding if I added an extra letter to their name or in a descriptor of them?

Imagine if one was asking another if they had brought the appropriate headgear.  Instead of Have you got the cap? you’d get ……   OK, you get it.  Big difference from a small error.

You ranked well doesn’t sound so good with an extra L

Imagine if they inserted another letter into, for example,  You’re the pick of the bunch!

Carter-Ruck, this is not good enough!  Sort out this problem now!  Accuracy is what you need.  All those who fall short must be sacked … now!

Standards, aren’t the same as in my day.

UPDATE @ 12.40  Having poked a little bit of fun at C-R for adding an L to my name what do I find but another inaccurate searcher who has done exactly the same.  For f’s sake, it is “C… A… L… U…M”!  You’re fired too whoever you are!  Who needs Sir Alan?



  1. You're taking on Carter-Ruck?

    Brave man.

  2. A little light-hearted banter. Who could quibble with that?

  3. At least you have not used the sort of expressions I used to describe Carter-Ruck and Trafigura for that matter!

  4. I'm treading carefully, Jams. No point in setting myself up for a fall.

  5. Funny you should mention the search. Someone searched for you yesterday and landed up on my site...

  6. CP They landed lucky then by reaching you rather than me

  7. Shouldn't one of the r's be an F in Carter-Ruck?

  8. Now, now, Andrew. I have very carefully kept clear of stating any such thing.

    Your comments in no way reflect my views!!!!!

  9. Just checking on a spelling Calum, why would you want to dissociate yourself from that? :) (By the way, to whom it may concern, any views expressed by Andrew Scott do not necessarily bear any relation to his real opinions. Lawyers are great).

  10. Andrew

    .... when they're not sueing your arse off.