Saturday, 2 January 2010

My Biggest Task of 2010 – Part 2

In the few hours since I posted the first part “My Biggest Task of 2010” I have started to work hard.

I went outside, cleared all the snow from the trampoline and the massive hedge and then tried to stretch myself to 10 feet high which might just give me an acceptable BMI. 

Given that I’m only four foot nothing in my high heels(!!!) my BMI is currently over 80.  No!!!  I’m not as small as that and as big as that.  I’m four foot 2 inches!


Soon, though, with all this activity I’ll be sylph-like but still no sign of my head.


  1. Why the netting? The risk factor is delicious.

  2. Calum, I don't want to dishearten you, but do you realise that when you get the head back on that'll be another half stone on you at least? (Although I suppose on the plus side it'll be another 6 inches to factor into the BMI. Hmmm, a plus or a minus? But then you'll get all its thoughts back too... a plus or a minus?)

  3. Andrew, I think finding my head won't cause me a problem BMI-wise because - sorry about this - I am a balloon ==> 9 inches of balloon / head and negligible weight. Mind you, I have still have the problem of the solid part of me!