Monday, 25 January 2010

Not Only Scotland

So often do I post photos of Scotland that you may wonder if I have something against other parts of the UK.


and so here’s a photo of some gorgeous houses beside the River Exe near Bickleigh in Devon.


and this a close-up view of garden and river.


Glad that’s settled then.


Many (well four I think it is) holidays we’ve taken in Devon driving through the night to get quiet roads and to have the kids sleeping.  Worked a treat except the car was full of my empty cans of Red Bull!  The holidays were magic.  The first year we were down for 4 weeks: static caravan then camping for two weeks and the 4th week was back in a static again.

The children want to go back this year but expense will keep us much closer to home.


  1. Lovely photos and memories. I am sure you can find a suitable holiday destination closer to home :-)

  2. Scotland's a lovely place, that's why.

  3. Lovely photos, but I think you'll make a wise choice to stay in Scotland. Having been to London, New York, Croatia and Spain in the last couple of years (and thoroughly enjoyed all of them), I would probably say my favourite holiday was a week in a log cabin in Ardnamurchan last July....bliss :)