Wednesday, 13 January 2010

On a Par with Iain Dale?

Iain Dale reports that, at the end of January, he is to speak at a Conservative Association’s Supper Club the fee being only £15.  The Club is clearly delighted to have “captured” Iain.

Not to be outdone I can announce that on Thursday, 21st January, I am speaking at supper-time in my front room with tickets costing me £5 for each person who attends.

I have “borrowed”  and tweaked from the Curzon Supper Club’s blog a few words to entice you to visit.

 “This is something of a coup!  Leading (from the back) left-wing blogger and newly self-appointed investigative reporter Calumcarr has agreed to speak at the next Calumcarr Supper Club event at 7.30pm on Thursday 21st January.


Calum is highly sought after by Trafigura and Carter-Ruck so we are very fortunate to have secured him for the evening.

Calum is the highly disputed master of left-wing political blogging. His blog, “Calumcarr on …. Whatever

is read by over a million people each 50 years!  It combines extraordinarily poor political insight with width, warmth and nonsense opinion.  Calum regularly appears on television on programmes such as “Get off the TV! It’ll Fall Over” and a range of other political television and radio programmes yet to be broadcast.

Calum has spent almost his entire working life working for scant reward, never having worked with any thieves MPs. He ran his own unsuccesful(sic) leadership campaign for the “Calumcarr is Left” party, stood for election himself in 2005 – well, would have but didn’t know what to do - and is currently hoping to become a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the newly formed “Calum is a Failure” party in the coming General Election.

Tickets are already selling fast - so please don't delay or you may miss out as tickets are limited!”


Now admit it, you’re tempted!


  1. 5 quid? I'm tempted to sneak in without a ticket. Would I be noticed and the supper time chaos and confusion?

  2. I might not notice you coming in but I don't think you could remain quiet for long. Have I got you sussed? :)