Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Replay after 7 – 1 Cup Victory?

Amateurs!  Fools!  I could say worse but I’d better not.  My team, Dunfermline Athletic, won their 3rd round Scottish cup-tie last Saturday 7 – 1 against Stenhousemuir but yet they will probably have to replay the tie.  Expulsion from the cup is possible, if unlikely.


The silly buggers listed as a substitute, and brought him on at 4 – 0, a player who was suspended.

How could this happen?

Two club officials, neither the manager, read the official list of suspended players from the Scottish Football Association but didn’t read to the bottom of the list where our player, Calum Wood, was mentioned.

Apparently the club received 25 emails from supporters, some received before the game, pointing out their error.  Clearly no action was taken.

This was not the only serious administrative error made by the club on Saturday.  Today’s Courier states,

“They were very nearly in even deeper trouble, for on the original team-lines submitted for Saturday’s game they included just one under-21 player when two were required.

When that error was pointed out to them by match referee Bobby Madden they hastily drafted Paul Willis on to the bench in place of Graeme Holmes.

Had they compounded the Woods blunder by further breaching the competition rules there seems every likelihood they’d have been thrown out of the cup, potentially depriving them of a money spinning fifth-round clash with Celtic.”

Playing and winning football is difficult for any cash-strapped and debt-heavy club but having incompetents making such errors makes life virtually impossible.

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