Friday, 22 January 2010


I wrote this poem 19 years ago now whilst holed up on the tarmac inside a Heathrow to Edinburgh BA Shuttle flight.  I couldn’t hack delays or queuing and this particular day the words flew faster than the plane.

I may have posted this before: can’t remember.


I'm churning, turning and bubbling inside
I'm late, I'm delayed  -  the anger I can't hide
My heart is thumping, rushing and pumping away
My mind is racing and twisting about the delay

I want to be quiet and peaceful inside
Then I'll be free with nothing to hide
Free to be nothing or everything around
Free to be peaceful  -  letting love abound

Let the mind-game manoeuvres all come to an end
Let stillness  -  yes stillness  -  grow in me
Then peace, and love and rightness will be
All around me, all in me  -  now till the end

The end never ending
The start ever starting
Just life as life is
Just love as love is


  1. Oh, I'm sorry you're hurting. Been there ...

  2. Painful to witness, but beautifully well said. I hope things are better now...