Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sports Quiz Question of Future

What team won a cup-tie 7 – 1 and wasn’t in the next round?

My team, FFS!

I mentioned on Tuesday that Dunfermline Athletic might have to replay their tie with Stenhousemuir after fielding an ineligible player.  That was bad enough but they had also broken another rule about having at least two under-21 players listed.

Today the Scottish Football Association tossed us out of the Scottish Cup …. and it hurts …. but the club only has itself to blame.  Two club officials checked the official list of suspended players but neither saw the Dunfermline player’s name.  Despite emails and phone-calls to the club nothing was changed.

I slagged – a teeny wee bit – Carter-Ruck’s Cambridge office for their lack of accuracy because someone there did a Google search for me but put 2 ”L”s in Calum. 

What has happened with Dunfermline is much much more serious! 

Heads must roll and the poor Carter-Ruck employee who’ll be losing their job in Cambridge can move North and run the administrative section of Dunfermline Athletic.  They can’t screw up in a bigger way!


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