Friday, 8 January 2010

Trafigura, Carter-Ruck and Looney

Have I missed the news?

The Times, Telegraph and Guardian all reported that Trafigura and their lawyers, Carter-Ruck, were going to the High Court this afternoon.  In the words of The Times,

“Trafigura, the oil trader, is seeking to prevent publication of details of a new £6 million claim that it faces in the High Court. 

The global company is being sued by an Irish management consultant, Kieran Looney, whom it hired to improve its management programme.

He claims that Trafigura breached their agreement by terminating his contract and is seeking £6m. The company denies the allegations.

Now the oil trader is going to the High Court to ensure the documents are “sealed”, preventing the allegations being aired, although they have previously been publicly available.”

So far, at 20.15, I haven’t found any mention of the outcome of the court appearance, not even a holding statement while the papers wait to hear the outcome.

Have I missed the news?

Is their no news?

Or is their news but it can’t be reported?

Have Carter-Ruck managed to get another super-injunction preventing the media from reporting that the court papers have been sealed?

Does anyone have a copy of the court documents or know where they are available?  Must be worth a read.


  1. Not seen any news but Trafigura do like to use the law in the form of Farter-Suck to bully people into submission. Trafigura are scum (albeit rich scum), Carter Ruck are parastic vermin

  2. Jams,

    You mustn't get wound up.:)

    Note how controlled I was.:)