Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Trafigura: Interesting Comment

After last night’s post this blog had a visitor from Dubai who read all my Trafigura posts but more interestingly, (s)he left an anonymous comment which I copy in its entirety.

“Anonymous said.…
Apparently the Trafigura argument for sealing the papers was that they included confidential information that Looney copied/printed while he was in their building/on their network which was completely irrelevant to the contractual dispute.  The claimed analogy would be of a plumber and client disagreeing about the bill and the plumber including in his statement of claim photographs he took while in the house suggesting that the client was having an affair/evading tax or somesuch.  Without specific facts, we cannot tell whether either party was being reasonable, outrageous or something in between.

I am intrigued at how the losses on such a dispute by a training consultant could reach six million.
27 January 2010 04:54

I haven’t heard this story before. 

Does anyone know if this WAS Trafigura’s rationale? 

As regards the £6m claim I replied as follows:

‘The Guardian states that "The claim says Looney was hired to rectify management problems and mistakes at a fee of £3m a year for three years."

I imagine the claim for £6m comes from this £3m/y fee. Of course, we don't know if this is correct.’

Is there any more information out there? 

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  1. No but I'll observe with interest.

  2. Keep watching, James, and sometime there may be an interesting snippet .... but I doubt it.

    We'll see.