Sunday, 31 January 2010

Trafigura: Request for WSP Report

Having already asked for a copy of Trafigura’s Reply in the BBC libel case (which is now a public document) I have now gone direct to Trafigura for a copy of WSP’s report on an environmental audit in and around Abidjan.

Trafigura mention this report, and that copies are available, here (19 September 2009).  The relevant part is copied  below:

“In recent months, following suggestions of ongoing environmental issues arising from the Probo Koala incident, Trafigura commissioned WSP, a leading international environmental consultancy, to undertake an independent environmental audit around the Abidjan area. WSP’s report (copies of which are available on request) confirms Trafigura’s belief that, based on the work undertaken, there are no ongoing environmental issues arising from the Probo Koala material nor, therefore, any risk to health.  By contrast, WSP identified a number of other environmental issues, unrelated to the Probo Koala or Trafigura, which potentially pose a risk to health.”

Clearly both documents will be favourable to Trafigura but I do not see this as a problem.  The more information which is publicly available the better.

I’m sure I’ll get copies of all I have asked and I’ll let you know when I hear anything.  Thereafter I’ll post about my conclusions.


  1. You're really getting into this, Calum.

  2. James Yes! It's more an exercise in taking control and doing "things" myself rather than being dependent on others for everything.

    I'm enjoying myself!