Monday, 11 January 2010

Trafigura: Two Emails, One Reply, No Answer

Since I posted at 13.25 I have had, as the title states, one reply but no answer to my question about the outcome of the hearing into Trafigura’s attempt to block public access to documents in the case of Looney v Trafigura.

I must thank Matthew Harding QC (for Looney) for getting back to me within 2 hours.  I said and asked, “I have been unable to find out the result of Trafigura's attempt.  Can you enlighten me?  On the assumption that you tell me the outcome, are there any reasons why I cannot disclose this result to others.” 

I will not disclose his actual reply but, unfortunately [my description and not his] he was unable to make any comment and I have no problem with this, disappointing as it is.  Again, I thank him for taking the time to reply to what was probably just a nuisance to him.

I await a reply from Carter-Ruck.

I can’t sit around waiting on their getting back to me. I’m off exploring other avenues now. 

Why on earth is it so difficult to find out what happened?

Sometime, somewhere someone will speak.


  1. It is always nice to get a reply even if it isn't the one you wanted.